Sunday, 9 June 2013

Backyard Garlic Growing

Sorry I have not posted in a month May was super busy for me, I was planing to post a lot in may and ended up only making one post. Anyways its june 9th now and I have sometime to post so I am back.

the last month I spent a lot of time looking into solar power, growing food and things that would serve useful if we one day had to go off grid, I have even been trying to figure out a way to stay online and fully powered in the event something should happen. So here is my 1st post it is a simple one. HOW TO GROW GARLIC you can grow a year supply of garlic very easy.
Until 3 days ago I always thought Garlic was a summer crop, but you actually plant it in Sept and harvest in June.
Here are a few videos that teach you how to grow Garlic very easy and simple.

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