Thursday, 15 November 2012

Avaya Channel Introduces Its New Radvision Video Products

As part of their unified communications program, Avaya recently announced that the members of Avaya Connect Channel Partner Program can receive the training to become authorized to sell Radvision Scopia video solutions. This will provide a way for Avaya partners to enhance their competencies and capabilities with the advancements of interoperable features and video alternatives for collaboration in real-time.
The Avaya Connect channel partners that have the training and authorization to sell the new Scopia solutions can attain the highest levels of service integration and technical support.

All Avaya Connect channel partners that already have video experience will be chosen for the company’s fast track authorization to sell the new Radvision Scopia solutions. Since the announcement, well over 50 partners that have achieved the required experience for delivering the company’s video communications have already been chosen.

The Radvision Eye-to-Eye Partner Program will continue to allow the participation of existing Radvision partners. The program brings valuable solutions and expertise to the company’s customers. Many the partners have joined the program as an effective way to expand their video portfolio.

Since Radvision was acquired by Avaya for $230M in the middle of 2012, and the recent introduction of Scopia video technologies and products, the company has provided an easy way for partners to select and deliver ad hoc mobile and desktop video solutions. These solutions provide an easy connect of different islands of video for enhanced B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) communications.

It is the intention of the company to make the shift to Avaya Connect as simple as possible. They recognize that their Radvision partners have made an investment in the demo and training systems, and seek ways to reward them for their efforts. The company realizes the quickest way to make Avaya successful at selling Scopia, is to minimize training requirements and reduce the investment of demo equipment for their partners. As per the company’s requirements, Avaya partners will need one professional design specialist, and two Avaya professional sales specialists, along with two Avaya certified support specialists that have been specifically trained for the Scopia role.

Since the close of the acquisition, Avaya has provided essential interoperability between Radvision Scopia, Avaya, Avaya Flair Experience, and Avaya 1000 series along with one-X Communicator products. This integrated connection with IP Office is soon to follow. At the moment, Avaya has made plans to cancel its IPO plans due to recent executive turnover. However, even with a reduction in headcount over the coming fiscal year, the company expects to reduce operating expenses by $235 million.

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