Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Videoconferencing Adoption with the Polycom QDX 6000

Videoconferencing Adoption with the Polycom QDX 6000

An excessive transformation is being accomplished with conferencing technologies.
Values of real-time cooperation are arising on the enterprise radar. Creating a new level
of awareness and demand for cooperation are caused from the economic conditions
around the world and the increasing environmental concerns. Enduring tough economic
climate, as well as cost control is being looked upon by organizations. Small and
medium sized businesses are realizing the advantages of virtual collaboration to replace
traveling. As well as the additional increase, in the use of video by the people has
broadened the business users’ horizon for video adoption. The SMB is evolving in to
the next prime target market for a bounty of business technologies ranging from IP
technology to mobility answers to videoconferencing.

A leading affiliated collaboration solution provider has started the strategies to aim at
the SMB market. The Polycom QDX 6000 is the first videoconferencing product of its
kind. The cost-conscious SMB segment is looked upon and at the same time it looks for
ease of use and high quality. With high resolution videoconferencing at low bandwidths
being offered, QDX 6000 is a full featured product that has plug and play ability for a
simple setup and ease of use. It is aimed at small organizations of 10 or less people
and also at new users of video conferencing. Education and healthcare markets are
being targeted as well. The QDX 6000 offers a quick ROI at a cost of US $3999.00 and
a lower street price. This unit will basically pay for itself in only a couple of business

QDX 6000 offers industry leading powerful benefits and functionality including:

Wide screen, DVD quality video in high resolution and full motion (30fps)

Sharp, clear video images even on congested networks or over the Internet with
Polycam LPR technology

Secure video conferencing using the latest AES encryption

Share multimedia content using wired or wireless broadband connection as standard

Crisp, clear conversations and multi-media from high- definition stereo audio

Flexible, powerful work sharing with support for dual monitors and up to five high-res
video sources. Such as: PC, cameras, document cameras, DVD players

Acknowledgements like QDX 6000 will be specifically attractive to SMBs as it allows
them to stay focused on their key business by allowing an easy to use system with very
little IT support that can influence public Internet for cost effective IP bandwidth instead
of assigning expensive IT resources to setup videoconferencing. Having the ability
to reduce operational overheads, equip advanced technologies to create distinction,
and improvement of communications between terrestrial scattered locations. Being
perfected by vendors, their idea to further meet the needs of new and arising growth
opportunities, new growth levels rising from the mid-market and small business can be

SMBs that have vastly, looked after the fresh market where videoconferencing is too
costly and painful to use. In order to progress in the SMB space, videoconferencing
vendors need to drastically acknowledge the SMB needs and how collaboration
can address SMBs operational confrontations. The reach of videoconferencing is
being amplified to a larger end user base conveying to an early stage of technology
democratization with QDX 6000.

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