Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Scopia® Video Conferencing: It Just Works

Video conferencing is moving out of the boardroom and into the real world. Scopia® video solutions from Radvision, an Avaya company, connects customers, clients, colleagues, students, teachers, technicians, trainers, doctors, patients and more in high-quality, interactive face-to-face meetings using almost any video-equipped device over any type of network.For more information on RADVISON Check out Broadconnect.

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  1. It is very informative blog.Video conferencing is the opportunity to simultaneously bring together parties in one or more locations. For any Director involved in multi-location briefing, this is an absolute necessity. The cost of organizing an in-person conference for multiple parties in one place, at one time can be exorbitant travelling expenditure. With Video Conferencing, multi-point meetings are facilitated.