Thursday, 27 December 2012

Considerable Cost Savings for Businesses With VoIP Networks And Unified Communications

Tech blog recently released a new study about how businesses can save costs significantly on the telecoms side by switching to VoIP and adopting a unified communications (UC) architecture. Selecting VoIP business phones and integrating VoIP phone system equipment into a platform that supports unified communications is critical for cutting costs and boosting performance when it comes to hosted business communications networks.

According to the study, businesses can save costs on their telecommunications infrastructure by adopting VoIP (VoIP phones) as the backbone for both their Internet and phone system network services. A second wave of cost reduction can be achieved through the use ofbusiness telephone systems that support UC (unified communications).

Using VoIP ensures that both phone system voice services and other data services are supplied by the same connection – saving costs and boosting efficiency in the process. The use of UC (unified communications) systems allows business communication networks to support voice, data, SMS, IM and other communication streams on the same device and the same network – a plus for businesses as the cost of acquiring separate machines or configuring other devices and accessories can be avoided.

“Growing businesses need to save costs. Also a big priority for them is boosting efficiency, power and productivity. This can be achieved on the telecoms side by switching to VoIP and adopting a unified communications infrastructure. Unified communications blends voice, data, SMS, IM, video and other platforms together on the same network to save costs and boost efficiency, while VoIP provides the backbone to support your UC infrastructure,” says a study collaborator.

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