Saturday, 15 December 2012

Keep Employees Happy With Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX systems aren’t just good for companies that enjoy their cost savings, or customers who enjoy the benefits of reduced phone system downtime, or operations that benefit from all the many features available with hosted PBX that can’t be had with most in-house PBX systems. There are other benefits to hosted PBX as well, which directly affect businesses’ employees and may actually be the most important reason to switch to hosted PBX.
With hosted PBX, rerouting phone calls to employees at their homes or their cell phones is a breeze, and this simple fact eliminates the need for employees to be tied to their office phones. Instead, they can tap into their companies’ phone systems from anywhere in the world, so long as they have a phone with them. And that gives them a degree of freedom that is becoming increasingly important for employees in the 21st century.

A recent study surveyed CFOs from almost 1500 companies, and it asked them which of the benefits they received from their jobs most contributed to their satisfaction with their work environments. Among their top choices was flexibility, or the freedom to work from home or wherever else they might want to be. That is the trend in today’s workplace: Employees have the opportunity to travel while still working, or to simply work from home. With current technology, there’s no reason employees must be tied to their office phones, and more and more employees expect to enjoy all the freedoms modern communications technology allows.
That’s great news for companies that use solutions like hosted PBX to give their employees increased flexibility. And it’s perhaps bad news for the companies that don’t, because their employee retention numbers could very well suffer as a result. Flexible working schedules and hours, plus the option to work at home, will become increasingly important parts of recruiting and retaining workers. If companies aren’t offering these perks, employees might think about jumping ship to companies that do, or they might not accept positions with the more old-fashioned companies in the first place.
Companies shouldn’t worry about this change. Not only does it increase worker satisfaction, but by empowering workers to be productive from anywhere, it allows companies to increase their total output. For companies that don’t yet give their employees this freedom, finding a hosted PBX partner is the first step to making the switch.

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