Friday, 7 December 2012

The Importance of "Big Data"

More and more software applications are moving away from personal computers onto remote servers or into the cloud. Fifteen to twenty years ago one of the big computing considerations was "Hardware vs Software". Today, the consideration is "Bandwidth vs. Application". An internet connection that can support this generation's bandwidth-heavy applications is critical. 

The advantges for organizations are that server or cloud-based applications can be accessed by multiple users on an "on-demand" basis. Additionally, centralizing resources is becoming increasingly vital, as it allows for simpler integration between multiple channels of information.

As an ISP (Internet Service Provider) BroadConnect is experienced and thoughtful in deploying exactly the right Internet connections to support all of your needs.

BroadConnect Internet Connection Types:
ADSL / Bonded ADSL
T1 / Bonded T1
Fibre Optic
4G/LTE Wireless Backup 

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