Thursday, 6 December 2012

Demonstrating Avaya Radvision Scopia Video Conferencing

Fully Managed Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is no longer the "wave of the future". It is HERE and NOW. In the past, in order to ensure proper delivery of video conferencing services, extensive infrastructure investments had to be made. This became an obstacle that often made Video Conferencing not cost-effective for many organizations.
With advances in video and mobile technology, Video Conferencing has become a seamless -easy to use- service, available on multiple platforms that many people already own (such as PC, Mac, iPad, etc...).
Watch our Video Conferencing Solution in action at Avaya Evolutions 2012

Different industries will find their own benefits for Video Conferencing. Medical operations will find Video to be an indispensible diagnostic aid, educational services can creatively use the service to provide webcasts and learning sessions. How will you use Video Conferencing to strengthen your business?

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