Tuesday, 4 December 2012

How to Theme your Android Phone like a Boss *Galaxy Nexus*

Here is a step by step tutorial teaching you how to setup widgets and the layout to
make your Android phone look like a boss! The demo was done with the Verizon Galaxy
Nexus, but in theory you can do this with any Android phone.


-Quick List-

Clock: BobClockD3
Icons: MetroStation Icon Pack - added to the desktops with Desktop visualizer
Weather widget: Themed Beautiful Widget 4x1 (Weather)
Music widget: Pure music widget with transparent theme
Calendar: Self themed Simple Calendar Widget
Banner: minimalistic text
Battery Circle: Circle Battery Widget
Battery Stats: minimalistic text
Color: Where applicable I used the following HEX color code: #FF33B5E5

Thanks to Armando Ferreira for this cool video.
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