Thursday, 24 January 2013

‪Bioprinting: Organ Transplants Becoming A Thing Of The Past?‬ (The future is here)

I hope this all comes to the light with in my lifetime, who knows if I can live for another 20 years, And if they perfect this Tech maybe I will get to live to 100 or 120 that would be so cool.
Check out some other articles I posted a few weeks back that tie into this one.

You never know where a patent's use is going to lead. (IBM Video 2 min)

There is a lot more info out there I am simply posting articles like this to get your mind going so you can look into it more on your own. Hopefully you can become inspired from some of this information. I know I am.

Also I recommend you check out "transcendentman" a film by +Ray Kurzweil we live in exciting times ladies and gentlemen. if you have +Netflix you can check out "
transcendentman" on there.
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