Wednesday, 30 January 2013

‪Blackberry 10 Launch (Full Event *runtime 1:15:01)‬

It has a faster Web browser and better apps. Its sleek operating system lets the user move easily between her inbox and social media, rather than closing one to open the other.

It has a bigger screen than the iPhone, making videos easy to watch. It has a vastly improved camera that can wind through multiple frames in order to open blinked eyes, as well as a central hub that aggregates Twitter, LinkedIn, and e-mail messages. In Facebook, scrolling through photos is no longer an arduous task.
In short, BlackBerry 10 is probably the best BlackBerry that Research In Motion Ltd. has ever built. And after years of criticism that RIM’s smartphones lack the razzle-dazzle of wildly popular models from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Apple Inc., the new BlackBerry 10 touchscreen phone – which The Globe and Mail got a sneak preview of on Tuesday – actually looks kind of cool.
But now that launch day is finally here, after numerous delays and some dark days for the company, the question is: Will it be enough to save RIM?

"Watch the Event of launch of Blackberry Z10 And Q10 - RIM Is Now 'BLACKBERRY'
Alicia Keys Named New Global Creative Director Of BlackBerry
Also watch Blackberry Flow Feature unveiled."

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