Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Significant Advantages of SIP Trunking over Hosted VoIP

As a more flexible and inexpensive solution for digital phone lines, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)trunks are quickly pushing hosted VoIP out of the way. With all of its restrictions, VoIP is no longer a viable alternative to traditional communications, especially when measured against SIP Trunking, paired with IP-PBX.

The significant advantages of SIP trunking over VoIP include:

Reduced Security Risks

Without the need of a traditional hosted VoIP service that uses a variety of techniques, including STUN (that maintains open pinholes to operate VoIP service), your SIP Trunking eliminates this dangers arrangement and runs the system more securely.

Reduced Bandwidth Demand

SIP Trunking offer a significant benefit of trunk side to station side ratio. This results in SIP trunk users requiring significantly less bandwidth (nearly 8 times less). By taking full advantage of the internal IP-PBX system within your SIP trunking environment, your company’s Session Initiation Protocol can minimize bandwidth usage for all in-house call traffic demanding voice data stream.

Now, instead of sending out a an in-house voice stream over VoIP service that is then passed the corporate firewall, out to the hosted ITSP, then back in over VoIP, through the firewall as an incoming call, and finally landing at its destination inside the same building it just left, SIP Trunking reduces significant outside bandwidth by avoiding it altogether. By reducing needed bandwidth, your company can avoid significant problems that often result from the poor utilization of a VoIP system.

Expanded Provision and Configuration Control

Unlike a VoIP environment, and SIP Trunking does not require the control, storage and administration of all configuration information at the back office of the ITSP. By using SIP Trunking, in combination with IP-PBX, your company retains complete control of the provisioning process and communication configuration. This simpler process keeps your company empowered by managing all of the communications provisioning processes instead of the phone company.

Expanded Hosting Freedom

Without the need to be tied to your hosted VoIP services, which offer only limited options if the provider does not work out, SIP Trunking provides a variety of alternative solutions. If the services of your chosen SIP VoIP do not work out, then all that is required is a simple reconfiguration of your company’s IP-PBX to instantly set up with an alternative carrier.

Reduced Costs

Offering a significant 6 to 1 ratio of stations to trunks, your SIP Trunking with IP-PBX will lower your stranded monthly costs.

With the value added benefits of VoIP SIP Trunking over a traditional hosted VoIP, your organization will save money, bandwidth and hassles while moving into the next evolution of telephony.

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