Friday, 25 January 2013

Screen Sharing: Macbook Pro & iMac (very useful)

Well I was going to buy a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse this weekend for my iMac, but than I had a moment of clarity, I thought I wonder if I can use my MacBook keyboard and trackpad, so I did a quick Google search and bamm! sure enough I found this cool video and not only can I use my Mac to Control my iMac but I can also Monitor it from my Mac. WOW this is so useful and amazing, this makes life so much more better, seeing as I have a 2nd monitor hooked up to my iMac, now I can have netflix full screen on one monitor, I can have twitter and gmail on another monitor and my blogs on my Mac, now I can do my blog work, and still control my iMac from across the room its almost like turning your MacBook into a remote control for your imac, now my Imac feels more like a TV.