Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Kaylee Goins elaborates on how to fail on the wonderful Google Plus

Google plus is a pretty easy place to fit in. However, here at SGPlusTelevision, we're all about helping people reach their dreams. +Kaylee Goins  elaborates on how to fail on the wonderful Google Plus.

" This is the best Vlog ever. its funny and its true."

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  1. Thank you for your "What not to do's"
    What a fun concise amusing entrance to google+.
    I have learned more in the last three days about everything from free college level courses through MIT (I also found one at Harvard) to how to uncircle people who haven't circled you back, making my blog the best blog, marketing, photography, there is even a hangout where people watch a TED talk together and discuss.

    Hands down this is such a great use of social and intellectual media.

    PS.. I humbly wish you add you to my circles.