Monday, 11 February 2013

Utilizing VoIP Technology Saves Money without Diminishing Voice Quality

Recent reports have indicated that far more than 1 billion individuals will be using
free mobile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application technology through their
smartphones within the next four years. Apparently it is only through the lack of public
awareness that VoIP is not already the standard technology used for both fixed lines
and mobile devices.

Google Talk and Skype

Both Google Talk and Skype are already experiencing high levels of success with an
amazing number of users, even though many that connect through the system are most
likely not aware that they are using a VoIP platform. The quick rise in popularity of both
Skype and Google Talk are due to their ability to be downloaded for free as an app on a
mobile device, or as a provided application on their fixed lines.

Apparently the rise in popularity of both Skype and Google Talk is founded on the ability
for customers to use the technology for free. Both companies offer a fee-for-talking
service (pay per minute fee) when connecting to a mobile number, or to a number not
connected to the service. Reports indicate that far fewer customers are willing to pay for
the service.

The widespread increase in VoIP connectivity over mobile devices apparently requires
additional steps, including getting customers interested in downloading the app.
Without dismantling the perception that customers will be charged an additional fee
for making calls, there will likely be a challenge to expanding the interest in VoIP
connectivity through mobile devices. Only when potential customers realize they can
save substantial amounts of money every month utilizing VoIP technology, will the idea
take off.

A Simple Process

Potential customers should realize that downloading a VoIP app from an app store is
a simple process. Once downloaded all that is required is a simple sign in through a
standard login to start using VoIP technology right away to make business or personal
calls on a smart phone. With the possibility of saving cell phone minutes every month,
homes and businesses can quickly begin using their cell phone to make free calls. VoIP
technology through a smart phone app avoids traditional roaming fees both domestically
and out of the country, because the apps use the technology of the Internet instead.

Any customer that is fully utilizing their VoIP smart phone app will have the ability to
downgrade their smart phone mobile plan, along with reducing or eliminating monthly
landline bills. Using technology that is already in the phone, users can quickly realize a
savings on their monthly bill, without diminishing the quality of their calls.

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