Monday, 11 February 2013

VoIP 'is cheaper than bubblewrap and Post-it notes'

Investing in VoIP will not prove to be a financial burden in any shape or form, if one expert on the subject is to be believed.

Rachel Greenberg, writing a piece for Business 2 Community, has picked out five everyday office purchases that she believes are more costly than VoIP. As such, it goes without saying that firms should do all they can to invest in the hi-tech solution and benefit from the cheap IP calls it provides.

The writer said the average price of a VoIP plan makes it a cheaper option than several seemingly minor purchases. For instance, she suggested that the average company will pay out less cash for the telecommunications tool each month than they do for a pack of Post-it notes.

Such an item is a good example of something that is bought without hesitation and quickly disappears. As such, a business will have to keep replenishing their stock so that staff can continue to make notes and leave them in the relevant positions.

Ms Greenberg went on to pick out highlighter pens, a stapler, bubblewrap and stamps as other items that will all be frequently purchased for an office at a greater cost than VoIP. With this in mind, it seems foolish to miss out on the technology any longer.

VoIP has the potential to immediately make a business more efficient, helping it to drive down costs and increase productivity. Over time, this should ensure that every user enjoys a healthy return on their investment.

It is also well known that the tool provides access to cheap - and sometimes even free - call rates. In comparison to more expensive traditional solutions, this can mean a hefty saving over the course of a year or two.

So instead of continuing to pay out for paper, stationery and packaging, firms might find their money is much better spent on the latest VoIP equipment, giving them the chance to revolutionise the way they communicate.


  1. Wow, nice analogy! I agree that VoIP is very cost efficient for businesses in need of a business phone system. I never thought of it in comparison to other office supplies that businesses are quick to shell out money to though. I really love my business VoIP because of it's low cost, high security, reliability, and all of the great features it offers such as call forwarding, unlimited minutes, the ability to make inbound and outbound calls, and more. It has played an essential role in increasing productivity and helping my business provide exceptional customer service.

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